Workshops and Speaking Engagements

I love working with people and sharing my knowledge with them. I'm also one of those rare people who enjoy public speaking, so over the years I have found many opportunities to share my take on personal branding with anyone willing to sit still for a couple of minutes.

I already have a few speaking engagements and workshops planned for 2021, but I'm always open to more of them - if you have a willing audience and need someone to create or deliver a workshop for them, feel free to get in touch!


  • 2021 LinkedIn 1-2-1 Reviews (IBM)

  • Introduction to Personal Branding (IBM Reignite)

  • Personal Branding Course Pilot

Q1&Q2 2021
Q3 2021



Careers Academy 2020: Building Your Personal Brand

I fully believe personal branding is the most effective strategy you can use to achieve professional success and fulfilment.

At IBM Careers Academy 2020 I was able to share what personal branding is with over 90 young professionals, teaching them how to identify, develop and communicate their personal brands, and helping them do this through practical exercises.

Originally planned as a face to face event, we were able to pivot it in less than a week to an online event to put IBMers safety first, whilst still delivering amazing content!

13 March 2020



Online Personal Branding Workshop

I delivered a session on developing your brand online, with a focus on how to increase LinkedIn visibility (including take-home exercises). This was part of IBM's "Insight Day", within the framework of National Apprentice Week. 

05 February 2020


Online Personal Branding Workshop

At IBM's Foundation Females Christmas Workshop 2019 I delivered a short presentation on developing your brand online, with a focus on how to increase LinkedIn visibility, followed by LinkedIn 1-2-1 reviews for the attendees. I trained several Early Professional Managers on how to conduct these reviews and of course did several myself, helping the participants identify improvements and steps to take their LinkedIn profiles to the next level.

Foundation Females, formerly Girls Who Can, is an IBMer-led support network/community that works for greater diversity and inclusion of women in tech and business.

09 December 2019


LinkedIn 1-2-1 Reviews

To date I have been able to provide over 30 one-to-one individual LinkedIn profile review sessions, ranging between 30 and 75 minutes.

During each session I review the IBMer's LinkedIn profile with them, help them improve it on the spot and come up with an action plan for further development; I also provide articles and tips to support them in this process, and follow-up sessions whenever needed.




Personal Branding: a winning job-search strategy


On 11 December 2014 I gave my first lecture on personal branding as a job-search (and career) strategy, at the University of La Rioja. It was an enriching experience I look forward to repeating. 

You can watch part of my lecture here (Spanish with English subtitles), and you can now download the English version of the presentation I used in the lecture or read it below to obtain a global vision of personal branding as a basic element of the job-search. 

11 Dec 2014

Universidad de la Rioja