Nice to meet you!

I'm Isabel Albelda Ros, a Business Administration and Advertising graduate from Spain currently working as a Project Manager at IBM UK.

As anyone who knows me will tell you, it's not hard to get me talking - and if it's about personal branding, baking or writing it'll be a long conversation!

In my spare time (what little of it there is!) I bake, paint, and also work on my practical personal branding book. To learn more about that last one, visit the Personal Branding tab!

A little more about me...

Isabel Albelda Ros _ London.jpg

I've always been interested in how the way we tell our stories shape the world around us. My interest in marketing grew from this curiosity about how the way we frame our ideas affects their spread, understanding and ultimately, their acceptance. As Seth Godin writes in All Marketers are Liars, "Marketing is about spreading ideas, and spreading ideas is the most important output of our civilization". 

But marketing is not the only thing that drew my attention from an early age. I learnt business from my family, fed stories and numbers along with soup at the dinner table. I grew surrounded by the family business, representing the family at corporate events, learning to look at the world in a slightly different way. From my grandfather, who founded his own business, and my parents and uncles, who worked hard to make it grow into the company it is today, I learnt commitment and gained an entrepreneurial mindset that frames the way I think about businesses and company-employee relations today.

The last cornerstone that defined my interests was international relations. I was lucky enough to travel from a young age, studied abroad during the summers and befriended students from all around the world. I wanted a career where cultural diversity would be the norm. From Spain I moved to London, joining a multicultural city and a hugely diverse company -working abroad is just the icing on the cake!

A double degree in Business Administration and Advertising that combined all my passions and a year abroad experiencing the cultural melting pot of San Diego made for five very interesting years, and now being part of a global team that values relationships, dedication and an international mindset, I can only look forward to the challenges ahead. 

Be the best you can be, learn all you can learn,
do all you can do; life's too short for anything else.