Nice to meet you!

I am Isabel Albelda Ros, T&T programme manager at Kyndryl and a personal branding advocate. After graduating in Business Administration and Advertising in Madrid I moved to London, specializing first at IBM and then at Kyndryl in IT service management programme management. In both companies I have undertaken personal brand development initiatives to help my peers, including workshops, talks, 1-2-1 profile reviews, and mentoring. As anyone who knows me will confirm it's not hard to get me talking - and if it's about personal branding, organization, baking or writing it'll be a long conversation!

Isabel Albelda Ros _ London.jpg

Project and programme management come easily to me, perhaps because I’m just naturally organized. I love reading about all the latest ideas on productivity, organization, and development – my top 3 right now are:

  • Organizing objectives and use of time via Trello in conjunction with time-blocking (I use Google calendar for the latter)

  • Automate whenever possible (reminders, smart appliances, email templates, etc.)

  • Coaching for objectives and tasks you’re stuck on

My greatest joy (aside from a good book, a cup of coffee and a trip somewhere far away) is helping those around me. This passion for helping others is what motivated me to created various initiatives within both IBM and Kyndryl dedicated to the professional development of my peers, and to write a personal branding book directed at employees in their workplace (currently in progress). It’s also the reason I’m open to hosting workshops and lectures – they are a perfect opportunity for both helping a group of people and for talking, two of my favourite pastimes.

In my rare free time, I enjoy travelling (I’m at 25 countries and counting!) and baking. The latter you can find on my Instagram, but if you’d rather get personal branding resources I’d love to connect on LinkedIn or Twitter

Be the best you can be, learn all you can learn,
do all you can do; life's too short for anything else.